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Who we are

Meet Cubapaladar

Cubapaladar is an online self-managed non-profit project about art and culinary reviews. We intent to transform the project on a national and international reference on Cuban culinary topics.


We are a small and dynamic group of talented youngs. We create this web site specialized on culinary reviews on Cuba. Our team visits the places evaluating thru our own methodology. We love places with great quality, creativity, good offers for Cuban people, nice service among other important variables. Our information about places allows the users to know better the place even before they decide to go. Also this site is an interactive space. After the dinner, users can come back and post comments, votes and recommedations, creating an important debate with our reviewers and improving the information.

How works the Cubapaldar's ranking?

Our Goals

To establish a professional web site of national and international reference on gastronomic topics and culinary review.
To offer culinary reviews that address issues like quality, prizes, creativity, originality, ecology and others.
To promote updated multilingual information about the culinary landscape in Cuba including the small stablishments.
To facilitate the interaction beetwen the users thru comments, votes and recomendations.
To include all forms of gastronomic stablishment of Cuba in our directory without economic commitment.

Our Team